Our Cake Flavours

We can supply a range of cake flavours in all our cakes including Chocolate, Vanilla, Fruit, Red Velvet, Lemon, Fudge and more.

Cake Flavours Lancashire


We offer a wide variety of very tasty cakes and flavourings from sponge and fruit bases to chocolate fudge and red velvet.

Our cakes are stunning and tasty
Wide selection of cake types available
Wide selection of cake fillings available
A range of cake toppings available
All cakes can be bespoke to your requirements


See a selection of flavours and fillings we can use when creating a cake for you;

VANILLA : A delicate, sweet vanilla cake topped with a silky swirl of vanilla buttercream.
CHOCOLATE : We create very tasty chocolate cake filled with  divine  chocolate buttercream and iced with our signature vanilla buttercream.
RED VELVET : Stunningly tasty red velvet cake filled with cream cheese buttercream then topped with vanilla buttercream icing.
FRESH FRUIT  : Our fabulous fresh fruit gateau made with fluffy sponge cake. Topped with fresh seasonal fruits and filling of cream & Jam & fruit.
CHOCOLATE FUDGE : Stunning and tasty chocolate cake with fudge icing and chunky chocolate.
FRUIT CAKE : Stunning and rich fruit cake made with high quality ingredients and baked with passion to ensure it will taste as good as it looks. The fruit is soaked in pure fruit puree and sherry for several days, ensuring a moist rich flavoured cake.
VICTORIA SPONGE : A traditional sponge cake, kept moist by a light vanilla soaking syrup and layered with vanilla buttercream and homemade raspberry or strawberry jam.
LEMON :  Fresh lemon sponge is filled with fresh lemon curd and lemon buttercream.
BLACK FOREST : An uber tasty chocolate sponge with layers of tasty cherries or cherry jam and whipped cream and topped with chocolate icing.
CHOCOLATE & VANILLA : Rich vanilla cake topped with a generous swirl of classic chocolate buttercream.